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   Unfortunately the replica watches uk has now stopped keeping time. The battery has not run out because if I adjust, it will keep time for a day or two then stop again. It seems to be a movement problem. Please advise whether a replacement replica watches uk can be shipped. The picture you show me is of the 4126 from your catalogue and if you check it properly you will see the etched logo. And your information for this replica watches uk also says etched logo in glass? I would like you to offer me a good deal on the Daytona with blue face as I have requested. Please speak with your boss to see what is the best deal you can offer me. I have still not received my replica watches. I have contacted the post office on 2 occaions and they are adamant it has been returned to yourself. I would be grateful if you could locate it and resend the replica watches to me. If this is not possible, I would appreciate a refund. I genuinely wish to purchase more products from you. But obviously I would prefer to have my original replica watches order delivered first.

   I'm trying to reorder the first cheap watches uk I bought the first of two I had problems with the first one as you're probably aware but unfortunately I can only seem to be able to find the original watch in a ladies size I want the men's size the item number for the ladies is 0 4 0 it's Rolex Datejust Auto gold dial number to 2916 I need a men's size and you said you would check the accuracy that it keeps time not like the first one that I had to give away you can use the same credit card and delivery address everything is the same but please make sure the cheap watches uk works before you send it thank you

   You will recall I ordered the above cheap watches uk along with another 3 watches on 5th August. The bracelet on the Rolex watch has a fault in the manufacture of the clasp and the holding pin has not been cast properly so one end of the pin is not held in. I have taken it to my watch repairer and he cannot fix it has it is a manufacture fault. Are you able to send me a replacement watch as this is one month old and I have paid money to have the bracelet adjusted and cannot wear the watch. I trust you will be able to replace this cheap watches uk accordingly. Please advise me as soon as possible.

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